Claims Services

Our Claims

Over the past 6 years, SRK Financial Services has successfully handled claims for numerous clients. In case an unexpected incident is to occur, we will guide you through the claims procedure. As your medium to communicate with the insurer, we will facilitate the lodging, administration, negotiation and settlement of the claim. SRK Financial Services also has the additional responsibility of advocating your case to the insurance provider. To ensure a hassle-free settlement, we will co-ordinate with the insurers to facilitate a panel of surveyors to perform the necessary examination. We are not merely salesmen, but your friend-in-need to take you through fair and foul weather.

▶ Our Claims Philosophy is to provide only the highest quality service for insurance coverage (Life, Health and General Insurance) and Mutual Funds to all of our customers in India. This means service that is fair, prompt, honest and efficient.

▶ Our procedure for Insurance Claims is designed to make filing a claim simple and convenient, and to ensure settlement is prompt and fair.

▶ It is our endeavor to place you exactly in the same position, which was prior to the occurrence of the unfortunate event.

▶ Our continuing dedication to improving every aspect of our claims operation is guided by the belief that customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our performance.